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Message to the Participants

international art competition

Message to the Participants in the
International Children's Art Competition

Thank you for participating in the Competition! We appreciate all your hard work and effort. Your artwork depicts many faces of poverty and tells us what we can do to end it. You truly put a lot of thought in your designs and depicted the ways we can all contribute to the eradication of poverty. Many of you expressed your hope for the world free of destitution and hardship.

We are delighted that over 12,000 of you took part in the competition.

After careful consideration, a team of five judges selected:

6 winning designs that will be issued as United Nations stamps in 2008

20 additional designs were awarded Merit Certificates

Another 24 designs received Certificates of Recognition

All 50 best designs will be displayed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York at a special exhibition to commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17 October 2007.

Additional 173 notable designs were recognized.

The Acknowledgement of Participation is available for all children who entered the competition.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of all of those of you who submitted a design. We hope that, as future leaders, you will continue your fight against poverty. As many of you noted it is our common responsibility.