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About Us

DSPD Ageing is the focal point within the United Nations system on matters related to ageing. As the focal point, its primary action is to facilitate and promote the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, including designing guidelines for policy development and implementation; advocating means to mainstream ageing issues into development agendas; engaging in dialogue with civil society and the private sector; and information exchange.

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Working Group

Ageing Working Group

The open-ended working group on ageing for the purpose of strengthening the protection of the human rights of older persons was established by the General Assembly by resolution 65/182 on 21 December 2010.

The working group will consider the existing international framework of the human rights of older persons and identify possible gaps and how best to address them.

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Review and Appraisal

 Review and Appraisal

“The Commission for Social Development will be responsible for follow-up and appraisal of the implementation of the International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2002. The Commission should integrate the different dimensions of population ageing as contained in the International Plan of Action in its work.''

Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, paragraph  132

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UN Network on Ageing Newsletter

Population Ageing 2013

Globally, the number of older persons is expected to more than double to over 2 billion in 2050, and are projected to exceed the number of children for the first time in 2047. Presently, about two thirds of the world’s older persons live in developing countries. By 2050, nearly 8 in 10 will live in less developed regions.

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