United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues


Twelfth Session of the Permanent Forum

20 - 31 May 2013
UN Headquarters, New York
Special Theme: Review Year


Report on the 12th Session of the UNPFII
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Provisional Agenda:

1. Election of Officers.
2. Adoption of the agenda and organization of work.
3. Follow-up on the recommendations of the Permanent Forum:
   (a) Health;
   (b) Education;
   (c) Culture.
4. Half-day discussion on the African region.
5. Comprehensive dialogue with United Nations agencies and funds.
6. Discussion on the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.
7. Human rights:
   (a) Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
         Indigenous Peoples;
   (b) Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous
         peoples and the Chair of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of
         Indigenous Peoples.
8. Future work of the Permanent Forum, including issues of the Economic
    and Social Council and emerging issues.
9. Draft agenda for the thirteenth session of the Permanent Forum.
10. Adoption of the report of the Permanent Forum on its twelfth session.

Proposed Organization of Work for the Twelfth Session
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The Permanent Forum is going PaperSmart:


In the interest of reducing the carbon footprint of the organization, the United Nations has introduced Paper Smart.  The information about the meetings will be available in various digital formals - through an e-Portal - with print-on-demand services in meetings rooms. 


What does this mean?

1) We will not have any documents available in the conference room during the Permanent Forum sessions.
2) All documents will be available electronically in all six official UN languages;
3) If you would like to have a hard copy, you can request a printed version from conference services, in any of the six official UN languages.

This will greatly reduce the amount of paper, without causing inconvenience to those who need printed copies of the documents. Click here for more information about PaperSmart.

The twelfth session PaperSmart page will become active six weeks prior to the start of the Twelfth Session.