United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

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The Trust Fund for the Second Decade was established to promote, support and implement the objectives of the Decade. The Fund gives priority to projects concerning the main areas of the Second Decade: culture, education, health, human rights, the environment and social and economic development. The Advisory Group for the Trust Fund for the Second Decade consists of members of the Permanent Forum’s Bureau.

Indigenous organizations or organizations working for indigenous peoples can apply for small grants from the Trust Fund. Guidelines to applicants for the Fund will be available when the call opens every year.

The Fund is mainly used for small grants projects with a budget for up to US$ 10,000 covering one year’s expenses.

From 2006 to 2012, the Trust Fund awarded grants to a total of 126 projects with a predominance of projects in Asia, Africa and Central and East Europe and Caucasus. Due to limited resources, the Trust Fund has, however, only been able to grant funds to 126 out of a total of 2845 project proposals submitted .

The projects funded have mostly covered the area of human rights (38%) and social and economic development (21%), with 33% focusing specifically on women and 29% on youth – a continually increasing trend. Also, of the funded projects, 57% provided an important opportunity for indigenous peoples to engage directly in dialogue with States. 

The projects have mainly been implemented with a local focus (76%), with a majority in the rural areas (67%).

2014 Call for Proposals--Closed

This year, priority will be given to projects that focus on the areas of (i) culture (with a specific focus on indigenous languages); and (ii) the environment (with a specific focus on the respect of the principle of free, prior and informed consent). The proposals will be assessed by the Bureau of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in May 2014 and successful applicants will receive notice thereafter. A list of the organizations awarded grants will also be posted on this website.