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Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012
Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations 2012

At its 2012 resumed session, held from 21 to 30 May and on 8 June 2012, the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations had before it 281 applications for consultative status, including applications deferred from earlier sessions. Of the non-governmental organizations submitting those applications, the Committee recommended 129 for consultative status, deferred 130 for further consideration at its regular session in 2013, and closed consideration without prejudice of 22 applications that had failed to respond to three reminders over two consecutive sessions. The Committee also had before it five requests for reclassification of consultative status; it recommended granting one of those requests. The Committee took note of all seven requests for change of name. It also had before it 172 quadrennial reports, of which it took note of 151. The Committee heard 6 representatives of the 54 non-governmental organizations that attended the session.

The present report contains eight draft decisions on matters calling for action by the Economic and Social Council. By draft decision I, the Council would:

(a) Grant consultative status to 129 non-governmental organizations;
(b) Reclassify the consultative status of one non-governmental organization;
(c) Note that the Committee decided to take note of the change of name of seven non-governmental organizations;
(d) Note that the Committee took note of the quadrennial reports of 151 non-governmental organizations, including new and deferred reports;
(e) Close without prejudice consideration of the request for consultative status made by 22 non-governmental organizations after the organizations had failed to respond to three reminders over the course of two consecutive sessions.

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ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31
Official list of all NGOs in consultative status with ESOCOC, as of November 2011 (updated annually)

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